Long live Dr. Sears

So far F does not sleep demonstratively better at night than B did as a newborn. He naps more and better during the day which is amazing, but not really the point here. The miraculous thing about this time around, however, is I am (so far) not that tired. I attribute it all to co-sleeping (technically bed-sharing). With B I would physically get up, walk to the rocking chair, and sit straight up and awake, bemoaning my lack of Facebook friends in far away time zones, every time he got up to nurse. Add in a diaper change, getting him back to sleep, and then falling back to sleep myself and I was probably up at least 45 mins or even an hour every time he got up.

Was not nursed to sleep and was willing to be put down. Not.even.related.

Was not nursed to sleep and was willing to be put down. #notevenrelated

With F I roll over and lift up my shirt. Sometimes I even fall back asleep before he does. If I think he has a dirty diaper then I poke G and he will change it (also a genius part of the plan). If it’s just wet and not leaking all over the bed, meh, we will survive.

It’s possible that F overall seems to be a slightly better sleeper than B? (It’s such a low bar and there is so much time for that to change still…) Or maybe it’s just my different perspective this time because I don’t feel like I’m going to drop dead any second?

"Dude, she already can't stop comparing us. Want to go halfsies on therapy?"

“Dude, she already can’t stop comparing us. Want to go halfsies on therapy?”

* The first two years of B’s life made me realize it is dumb to claim any “trends” or “progress” in the sleep department. You just appreciate the good nights and deal with the bad nights as they come. Yet somehow here I am writing a post about trends and progress. Hope springs eternal.

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  1. Oh – I’m one of those comparison mommies too. Especially since Tay was crawling by Alex’s age and Alex doesn’t even know he can get on his knees. Or that he even has them….

    But one thing is certain, you have two adorable little guys! Glad you’re not zombie tired!

  2. I totally am doing something similar with #2, last time the bassinet was kept in the next room because it bugged the hubby too much so I was a big zombie. This time it will be in our room no excuses unless hubby wants to grow some boobs! I’m glad you are feeling much more rested this time around.

  3. I love everything about this post. Esp the hashtag :)

  4. With the second, I, too, have enjoyed the sleepy side nursing technique! It’s so nice to be able to just sleep through a feeding!

  5. Yay! Glad to hear that you aren’t feeling overly tired and that this whole sleep thing seems to be working pretty well. I was the same with the getting up and really having to wake up, walk, etc. with Lids as a baby but have a feeling I’ll be doing much more of the laying in bed, letting baby eat while I fall back asleep thing with baby #2. So handy!

  6. Your journey is similar to mine. With my daughter I slept with her from day one and nursed her laying down. I never changed her in the night unless it was poop, either. Why didn’t we think of that the first time around? LOL I would literally wake up with my boob hanging out because I’d fall asleep nursing. I think with Evan I was so paranoid about burping after feeding, etc…whatever. LOL Glad you’re feeling so rested! Hope it continues! My daughter was certainly a better sleeper than my son (still is and they are 3 & 9). I think it’s part personality and part my damage.

  7. Beverly Webb

    Such beautiful babies!