Finn’s birth story

I hope they don’t take away my hippie badge or not let me into Whole Foods or something for saying this, but I love scheduled inductions. To review all my blathering, my doc recommended inducing me at 39+2 or 40+2 weeks (depending on what due date you believe) because he feared baby was getting big and I was not going to be able to get him out.

So the morning of May 1, having completed my to do list, cleaned the house, done the dishes, packed properly, slept, caffeinated, showered, etc. G and I said goodbye to B and Gaga and headed into the hospital. Some primal protective instinct seemed to kick in with G and he needed to pepper every medical professional with questions about whether this was a good decision or if it would be better to wait and let labor happen naturally. To me, it seemed like an inopportune time to debate this, and I was going to chain myself to the delivery bed until they extracted that baby anyways so we decided to proceed as planned.

We sent this pic to B to let him know we were ok

We sent this pic to B to let him know we were ok

Anyhoo, by 9 am I was hooked up to pitocin and my doc came by to break my water. The nurse said that usually labor time is cut in half with a second induction so she thought we would definitely have a baby by 7 pm when her shift ended. Seemed overly optimistic to me but I was ok because we brought lots of DVDs and with an epidural they don’t let you out of bed, which is my dream.

There was a little issue with the epidural, in that it didn’t work at all on the left side of my body, so they came back and re-did that whole process at my calm, polite, urging (hahaha). Once my lower half was Jell-O, we kicked back and started watching Wolf of Wall Street, because what more wholesome way to welcome a new life. At some point the nurse came in to put in the catheter and said I was 3 cm so we carried on with our plan to relax. Since I was in bed and totally numb, labor was about 10000% more enjoyable and physically comfortable than my average days have been for months. I could’ve gone on all day and figured I would.

The nurse came in around 1 pm just to check-in. I told her I was feeling some pressure so she said she’d check me. We paused the movie and she very calmly announced, “You’re ready to deliver.” All I could come up with was, “You’re joking. We haven’t even finished one movie.” They scurried around preparing the room while we waited for my doctor who was really not expecting to be back so soon. By the time he arrived around 1:20 I was having a hard time not pushing and was pretty sure Finn was going to birth himself.

A few pushes later and he was out at 1:34 pm! He was pretty blue looking and the cord was loosely around his neck but no one seemed concerned. I held him right away and he was gorgeous (still is!) Then the big moment arrived and they put him on the scale. He weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz which again had my doctor semi-baffled. The nurses all kept commenting on how big he was because they see newborns all the time, but to us he is a teeny little fragile blob and it is only just now coming back to me how to hold one of those.

Lil chunker. I guess it was him that's been turning my hair redder.

Lil chunker. I guess it was him that’s been turning my hair redder.

Baby's first selfie while Daddy went out to get dinner.

Baby’s first selfie while Daddy went out to get dinner.

We got to spend the rest of the day just hanging out and snuggling which was pretty amazing. I really was not prepared for his arrival, both because I couldn’t really imagine it and because it happened so fast. I think it finally hit me the next morning that he is here and he’s ours and he’s perfect. Well, I knew the perfect thing right away. Like everything about parenting, the cliches apply perfectly and my heart is doubled.

These three.

These three.

7 Responses to Finn’s birth story

  1. Sounds like a dream delivery! I remember watching Knocked Up while waiting for labor to kick in. It was on t.v. and seemed fitting to watch at the time.

  2. I think that is pretty hilarious “The movie isn’t even done yet!”. I’m glad everyone is doing well and he was a fairly good sized baby!!

  3. Michelle G.

    Sounds pretty nice! The same thing happened with my epidural! It didn’t even occur to me to tell them to do it over again. I will think about that for next time!

  4. Perfect! All of it. You should be glad you didn’t get to finish that movie; I’ve never seen a movie that dragged on more than that one :)

  5. Your story made me laugh! So sorry you only got to watch one movie. LOL Congrats on your beautiful baby and woohoo for a relatively easy delivery!

  6. I love your story! And I thought my second baby came fast…Finn was excited to meet you. :) Finn is absolutely gorgeous and handsome!!! Hope all of your boys spoiled you rotten for Mother’s Day!

  7. PERFECT! If they were all that easy, we’d all probably have 12 kids each by now. He’s adorable too, which makes it even that much better.