That must be off

So I think maybe I’m turning a corner with this virus? (Which by the way they think is/was likely Norovirus, Sheelah. Really fun thing to be twinners with.)

Anyways, I had an ultrasound yesterday to check fluid levels and the good news is they are miraculously fine. At least one of us is staying hydrated. The… other news is they think my baby is a monster. Now I’ve heard a million stories of these late size guesstimates being off and practically zero where they were right. Everyone always freaks out about these things and then it’s all fine in the end so I’m trying to take it with an entire shaker of salt.

They said he overall measures a week and a half ahead and is already 7 or 8 lbs. For reference, B was 7 lbs 4 oz when he was born past 40 weeks. None of that shocked me, but what did was his melon. His head alone measures 4+ weeks ahead. So it’s not even the size of a fetus’s head, but the size of an outside baby’s head. I’m hoping if they’re right then that thing can stretch into an incredible cone to get out. But does anyone know how accurate head measurements are at this stage? I’m hoping not very?

37/38 weeks. Sorry if I look like I've been puking for a week. Somehow this baby still manages to grow.

37/38 weeks. Sorry if I look like I’ve been puking for a week. Somehow this baby still manages to grow.

My doctor told me last time that nature won’t give you a baby you can’t push out and I’m “not the kind of lady who can just pop out a 9 pounder.” So it seems like he’s bound to be wrong on some front here. Will it be the size estimate? Will nature betray me? Or will I indeed push out a 9 pounder? How exciting to find out…

4 Responses to That must be off

  1. This seems like a good place to say “stay tuned…”

    I’m not so patiently waiting to find out! :)

  2. Yay for norovirus twins!!! I’m so curious to find out which dr statement was incorrect :)

  3. Wow, not sure how you are hiding such a big baby in there.. so hopefully not as big as they are guessing!! Excited to find out! :)

  4. Woohoo exciting!! I think their estimates can be at least a pound off in either direction so I wouldn’t freak. My mom delivered a 10-pounder (me!!) and she was a really small woman at the time. Good luck in your last couple weeks and I hope the illness is behind you!