Good news bad news: pelvic edition

Good news: I have been able to nail down most of the activities that really hurt me. It’s really much better to have some idea of my limitations than just fumble around being shocked by intense pain all day. Those activities include:

-Anything where I bear weight on one leg (putting on pants, shaving, washing the bottoms of my feet, getting into and out of bed, getting into and out of the car, getting a toddler into and out of a car, walking up and down stairs especially carrying a toddler and a million bags, oh and also walking in general)
-Anything where I suddenly twist my torso (basically sudden bursts of motion like shoving something heavy out of the way or trying to ninja myself into a position to prevent some sort of toddler-inflicted catastrophe)
-Getting up off the floor and sitting down on the floor
-Rolling over in bed

Bad news: Although I’ve figured out how to avoid some of these and modify a few (no one inspect the cleanliness of my feet or my leg shaving job) a lot of these things are fairly unavoidable in my day-to-day.

Good news: Through some absolute mystery of bio-mechanics the elliptical does not cause me any pain. Whether it’s the momentum, or the arm swing, or I-don’t-know-what that keeps me from bearing weight on one leg long enough to hurt, I don’t care. I will keep it up as long as I can so I don’t lose my mind.

With US Weekly, the Kardashians, and pain-free cardio, this workout room is turning into a spa.

With US Weekly, the Kardashians, and pain-free cardio, this workout room is turning into a spa.

Bad news: I can’t even contemplate how long I have gone/will go without running.

Good news: Physical therapy helps A LOT. It is really amazing what these teeny tiny little muscle movements can do for a person. Maybe there is something behind the whole yoga/pilates/strength training thing. Also every time I go she actually adjusts things so it’s like a two for one chiropractor/PT appointment.

Bad news: If it isn’t intense cardio or lying perfectly still I don’t enjoy it. So I force myself to do these exercises. (I’m happy to force myself to do them really for the results, I just had to have a counterbalancing bad news point here so I thought of something.)

Since the cause of all this pain is related to the above cherub it's likely it will all be worth it.

Since the cause of all this pain (my fetus) is related to the above cherub it’s likely it will all be worth it.

Good news: Here is a list of symptoms for my “condition.”  There are a couple on there that I don’t have!!

-Present swelling and/or inflammation over joint.
-Difficulty lifting leg.
-Pain pulling legs apart.
-Inability to stand on one leg.
-Inability to transfer weight through pelvis and legs.
-Pain in hips and/or restriction of hip movement.
-Transferred nerve pain down leg.
-A feeling of the symphysis pubis giving way.
-Stooped back when standing.
-Malalignment of pelvic and/or back joints.
-Struggle to sit or stand.
-Pain may also radiate down the inner thighs.
-Waddling or shuffling gait.
-Audible ‘clicking’ sound coming from the pelvis.
-Can be associated with bladder dysfunction.
-Can be associated with bowel dysfunction.

Bad news: Ummm did you read the last one??

Good news: Just to end on a high note I do not have the last one and the fear of that makes me really diligent about my exercises.


6 Responses to Good news bad news: pelvic edition

  1. Wow. Yeah. Try not to get that last one :/

  2. That sounds awful and painful.

    My sister has always said ‘yoga is the answer to everything’ I believe her to a certain extent but can’t seem to find the time to follow through on my end.

  3. Yikes, it sounds so painful!! Glad to hear at least the elliptical is possible without pain.

  4. I read Sheelah’s post about her shaving her legs at 55 weeks pregnant and I lost my mind.

    I’m glad you aren’t shaving your legs (well). It’s not worth the pain.

    Hang in there. Don’t poop your pants.

    PS: Alex is 4.5 months old. Do I have to start shaving my legs again?

  5. That does not sound fun at all. Actually, I can’t even imagine because just being pregnant in-and-of-itself is enough to make me pained and crazy! Hang in there!

  6. Oh no, that last one!! Glad you’re young and fit and active. I’m also glad you are able to do the elliptical! Hang n there girl!