Ouch no more babies

Remember how I started out saying how easy this pregnancy was? Womp womp womp. Now I know it’s still reeeeeeeally far from a “bad” or “hard” pregnancy. Knock on wood baby is fine, I am fine, there are no long-term health concerns for either of us, I’m not on bed rest, etc etc. In the grand scheme of things it’s still going great and for that I am beyond thankful. Buuuut I hurt.

When I was pregnant with B I had really bad back pain due to an injury that tilted my pelvis (ew). I started having some pelvic pain in addition to the back pain at 30 something weeks but as long as I didn’t run it was fine. This time the pain started at more like 20 weeks and is worse and all the time, with or without running. Luckily I am able to see the same physical therapist who worked miracles on my back last time and so far it is helping a lot. Well that and never running which pains me in a different way.

Jury's still out on this one but in B's case I vote totally worth it.

Jury’s still out on this one but in B’s case I vote totally worth it.

So today I went in for my regular PT appointment to report that the pelvic pain was a little better but the back pain was worse and now I was having pubic pain (is that gross to talk about, sorry?) She investigated and confirmed that my pelvis was crooked and my pubic bone was now shearing. I would explain that further but I’m squeamish so I might pass out. Basically she had 3 recommendations. 1- keep seeing her and doing my exercises. 2- purchase one of these

Leotard not included

Leotard not included

3- do not have another baby. She said if I did the pain would be a lot worse and start a lot earlier and would be harder to recover from post-baby. Unfortunately I did not leave her office with any sort of vasectomy prescription or anything but I’m pretty sold on the general concept. That should maybe have depressed me to hear but instead it kind of helped mentally. It made me not feel like such a sissy for really being in pain a lot of the time- apparently it’s supposed to hurt when your entire skeletal system is “really tragically unstable” (actual quote). And it made me even more confident in our decision to call it quits at 2. Plus it strangely makes me hate being pregnant less and dread the newborn stage less knowing that this is really it and I should try to find something to cherish about these times. So, I guess hooray??

25/26 weeks. My comfort should increase as I enter the 3rd trimester right? That's how it works?

25/26 weeks. My comfort should increase as I enter the 3rd trimester right? That’s how it works?

Oh also she said I had to ice my pubic bone to relieve inflammation. The best way to do this apparently is a rubber glove filled with ice. I had to leave early to pick B up from school so I drove around town and pulled into the school parking lot with a frozen hand on my crotch.

6 Responses to Ouch no more babies

  1. Yowch!!! That sounds so painful :( And what news to hear from a doctor about having another baby!

  2. I’m sorry to be laughing at the frozen hand on your crotch, but I definitely am! That all just sounds hideous and painful and not at all the way anyone wants to ride out a pregnancy. I am so sorry!! I hope your exercises help relieve the pain and that you are caring for a (obv great sleeping) newborn in no time. As for no more babies… 2 perfect Lagerwey children is already more cuteness than the world can handle!

  3. Ouch!! Sorry you are in so much pain. That sounds pretty awful! Hope it doesn’t last the whole time. Well glad it at least helps in one way for you to enjoy this final pregnancy!! 😉

  4. Sorry to hear about the pain. And although I’m happy that you’re happy with the news (I’m a 2 kids and out kinda lady too…I think), I hope she broke it to you in a nice way.

    And yes – you’re right – the pain was totally worth B and this little guy too!

  5. Oh I just burst out laughing at the frozen hand on your crotch. Way to find the humor in it!! Sorry about your pelvic pain. That sounds intense. :( At least you know WHY and that it will be better after Baby is born!

  6. A) You are itty bitty for 26 weeks. b) you should definitely order
    the leotard.c) When and why did leotards stop being a thing?

    In all seriousness, I hope the end of the pregnancy is easier on your body!