So glad

We are home from DC and I am so glad… so glad that we went and also so glad that I decided to make that my last trip for a while. While there, we got to see wonderful people that I love and miss so much. (Of course we never see everybody and I am really sad about the people we didn’t catch this time.) But by the time we got on our flight yesterday I was basically hurting from pelvis to neck and near tears with fatigue. (From what exactly I’m not sure… we were on the go a lot and schlepping a lot of stuff with us so I guess that? I think I’m just weak in general and pregnancy makes me weaker, but regardless the pain and fatigue were real.) The one bummer of the trip was my mom’s ear drum burst on the way there and she spent the whole time really sick, BUT the good news is she made it home with the other ear drum intact. (Low bar I realize.)

By far the highlight of the trip happened the last day as we were visiting with a bunch of friends right before heading to the airport. I was chatting in one room and B wandered off into the next. I peered in to make sure he wasn’t destroying anything and instead caught him rocking my friend’s baby girl C in her swing. (He thought he was rocking her at least, no one tell him it’s battery powered.) Of course I called everyone in and we all contained our squeals as we watched him hand her a toy while saying, “Here you go baby C this is for you.” Then, “uh oh I’ll fix it for you!” as it fell off, etc. Dying. Hoping this bodes well for his soon-to-be big brother status. Or at least that he’ll make a great husband (to baby C) one day.



4 Responses to So glad

  1. Welcome home! Glad to hear the fatigue didn’t really get you until the very end. Busted ear drum??? Ouch! And what a sweet peek into your little man’s future <3

  2. Yeah, B is going to be the best big brother! :)

  3. Aww what a great big brother he will be!! :) Glad you had a good trip and are happy to be home now.

  4. BEST MOMENT OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby C loved it so so much. But yes, probably not as much as her mother and future mother in law. I can’t believe how precious it was and sweet. So kind and so neat to watch B’s little (giant) brain interact (well Baby C wasn’t doing much interacting). Amazing. WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!