Travel is something about which I can’t make up my mind. To me it defines mixed feelings. We live so far away from my “home”, good friends, and most of our family and seeing these people is necessary for the soul. But I am not a great traveler, I dislike it, and my kid amplifies those feelings for me by a factor of about 100000. (It is the ultimate snotty complaint I realize as I am actually beyond lucky to even have the opportunity to travel this much and be able to see people. Yes everything hurts and I’m tired but that fact is not lost on me and I truly am grateful even though I don’t always say it.)

With that caveat, back to complaining. Given that I’m already having some pretty uncomfortable physical issues and having trouble sleeping etc (whine whine whine) I decided to take one final trip while pregnant. (Somehow I’m only a couple weeks away from the 3rd trimester, which is a separate panic.) It wasn’t a hard call on where I would go so off to my homeland I went, DC! Initially I thought it would just be B and me but then my mom decided to go and G was able to meet us here after a work trip. Griswold family vacation!

There will be a lot more to say about this trip but I felt like day 1 pretty much encompassed my travel experience and feelings for the past 2 years. After a 5 am wake up thanks to B; running around packing huge bags, toy bags, snack bags, car seat bags, stroller; loading the car with the above; unloading the car and loading it onto the airport shuttle; unloading it all and navigating security, pacifying a toddler with 100 more snacks, and loading ourselves onto the plane; flying 4 hours while constantly explaining while we can’t get off the plane yet, bending over picking things up off the nasty floor and certainly crushing my fetus because I kept forgetting he’s there, peeing 5 times, dousing all of us in hand sanitizer as many times, and wrangling all the stuff and people off the plane; picking up all our gear while managing a napless toddler; loading it all in the rental car shuttle; realizing that was the economy parking shuttle; unloading and loading back onto the actual rental car shuttle; taking it all off the rental car shuttle; loading it all into the rental car and trying to wedge myself into a non-pregnant space to install the car seat and child; navigating to the hotel with a finally sleeping toddler only to decide not to wake him to actually go in the hotel; finding some take out dinner in the meantime; unloading all the stuff and reeeeally crabby kid whose diaper had leaked, and finally settling in at the hotel… I was really close to tears from fatigue and pelvic/hip/back pain. I was beyond confident in my decision to never go anywhere further than 30 mins from my house again. So done.

Then maybe 30 minutes after we arrived one of my best friends arrived with her husband and 5 week old baby girl in tow. It was the best thing ever. As always it’s like no time has passed (except for the obvious additional human!!!) Then after not seeing G for 9 days he walked in the door too! B greeted Daddy with a huge smile and read a story to his future wife, and I fumbled around with a newborn. How the F do you hold them again?? I took off my awesome compression socks and forgot about the day’s journey. Travel is kind of awesome.


3 Responses to Grounded

  1. It’s almost magical how that happens, huh?

    I have a feeling you’ll have a very similar experience every single day when you have two babinos in your life. <3

  2. Sounds fun! At the end :)

  3. Glad it had a happy ending :) Travel is A LOT but usually worth it, especially being so far from family and friends. I know the feeling! And yes, newborns.. how DO you hold them?!? Ahhh I forget everything!!!