Yep, you read that right. B is officially weaned. I remember reading a blog post a while back (sorry can’t remember where!) about how we always celebrate and make a big deal out of firsts but never even note the lasts. It is so true and I’m somewhat sad to say I couldn’t even tell you when the last time was that B nursed. It happened so gradually that I didn’t even notice.

There is a lot of boob in the actual "first nursing" photo so this will have to substitute.

There is a lot of boob in the actual “first nursing” photo so this will have to substitute.

I’m not sad that he stopped. Nor am I happy that he stopped. After nursing has been such a huge part of both of our lives for so long it was oddly anti-climactic. Basically pregnancy dried me up over the first couple of months and B slowly lost interest/gave up. For a while he “dry-nursed” but even that started becoming more and more sporadic. Then one day I realized it had been days… at least… since he had last nursed. And he never has since. (Edit: I realized this is not entirely true. He recently asked in the middle of the night and I let him regardless of our milk clock rules since I figured he really wanted/needed to. So now that I think about it I guess that was the last time, at least for now.)

One of my favorites from a year or so ago. He refused to put down Daddy's birthday balloons all day, even to snack.

One of my favorites from a year or so ago. He refused to put down Daddy’s birthday balloons all day, even to snack.

I know a lot of people get super weepy and emotional around weaning but I had none of that. I don’t know if it’s because it was soooo drawn out and due to drying up or if one set of crazy pregnancy hormones just someone canceled out the crazy weaning hormones. I think mostly my reaction just mirrored B’s. Thankfully he never showed any signs of being upset or distraught, at worst he was confused and maybe a little disappointed. I think if he had a rough time with it then I would have as well, so I’m really glad that didn’t happen. Regardless, here we are and I have a whole 4 months without nursing anyone!

Still my baby. Just more heavily dependent on Whole Foods for non-dairy milks.

Still my baby. Just more heavily dependent on Whole Foods for non-dairy milks.

As for what happens when the baby comes, nothing will shock me and everything is ok. If B continues to be uninterested that’s fine, if he avidly nurses again that’s fine, or if he just wants to try it a couple of times and then moves on that’s fine too. I am sounding uncharacteristically zen lately about what’s to come with this 2nd baby which can only be explained by denial. Check back in a few months for STRESSED OUT PANIC.

23/24 weeks with the next leech

23/24 weeks with the next leech

7 responses to “Weaned

  1. I love your approach. Less stressful for sure.

    I’m way more relaxed with Alex. I have to pump at work and because I”m way less stressed, my milk production is so much better.

    You look great!

  2. I was actually just wondering the other day if you were still nursing him. (How awkward is that?!? :) ) Gracie never showed any interest in it when I nursed Lyla, but she also couldn’t have cared less about nursing or weaning when I did at her first birthday so I wasn’t surprised. I do wonder if Lyla will be interested; she liked nursing a little more than Gracie at the end, but still didn’t care one bit when I stopped. So I guess we’ll see! Enjoy your four months of having your boobs back! Sort of

  3. I also noticed that Griffin was not as interested when I became pregnant with Brinley. He stopped nursing about a month after I found out and that was the end of it. It is a bittersweet milestone, right?!?!

  4. Hooray!! At least you are somewhat ‘free’ for the next little while!

  5. That sounds like the most relaxing, peaceful weaning every! Way to go nursing him from start to finish.

  6. My son went from nursing every 2-3 hours to 2-3x a day around 8 months. That was more difficult for me emotionally than when he officially weaned! Thankfully we made it until 13 months and when he fully weaned, I feel like it was pretty anti-climatic also. I don’t even really know the last time he nursed. I remember thinking it was kinda funny it was anti-climatic since it was such a huge part of our lives for over a year! That is amazing you were able to nurse so long… And you & your bump are looking amazing!

  7. I am so glad this wasn’t a tough/stressful/sad time for either of you. In fact, it sounds as if it was just the right time. Glad you will have a few months with your boobs back to yourself before starting all over again! 😉