About that commercial we all love

So by now probably everyone has seen (and loved) that Argentinian Coke commercial that epitomizes early parenthood. If not, here it is…

Yes, I loved it too! So perfect! It captures it all and even shows unintentional co-sleeping like it’s no big deal. I laughed, I nodded. And yes, I even 100000% relate to the absolute horror followed by overwhelming joy at the end. Also, who didn’t cry at the family hug?

However, I have one issue. Why oh why oh why is this woman serving her husband all of his meals on a tray????? No.

9 Responses to About that commercial we all love

  1. Haha yeah, you are right about the meals on the tray… I didn’t even think about that. But I do love everything else about it and even showed it to Anthony today. The horizontal baby in bed made him laugh because if Lids joins us in bed, that is the only way she’ll be facing! ;) Oh and yep, definitely tears at the end!

  2. Bahahaha – I hadn’t even noticed the tray serving. I was too caught up in
    “omg – the house is cluttered with baby things JUST LIKE US” “omg they are getting up in the middle of the night JUST LIKE US” “omg the toddler is kicking the dad in the head JUST LIKE US”.

    But you know what? I do NOT serve Andy food on a tray. We don’t even own one. ;)

  3. Hahaha yeah I noticed the tray serving, too. We have a tray that we use as a hard surface in our ottoman coffee table. It is never used to serve food to adults. It is OFTEN used to serve food to toddlers (AKA I dump goldfish on it during play dates.)

  4. I actually hadn’t gotten around to watching that yet… so, yeah, thanks for sharing and giving me a cry fest! I love it!! I am overwhelmed by all the tear inducing ads this year. Bring on the babies and the craziness!

  5. You mean you don’t serve Garth all of his meals on a tray??? I had not seen this ~thanks for sharing!! As if the past three weeks have not been a cry fest for me already~I got to start the morning out with more tears! (You would think I was pregnant-NOT)

  6. I agree with the tears in the morning and there are no extra hormones over here!

  7. That was really funny in a “yup, my life, my life, oh look more of my life, oh god this is my life” kind of way. I loved that moment of watching the man’s horror turn into joy. As for the tray, I think it’s pretty normal. I am basing this solely off the experience of a house we grew up in when I was younger that was a really old house–the kitchen was pretty far from both the living room and the dining room (which was it’s own separate room), and that’s how my mom would bring in food to us from the kitchen. I have no idea if she would have done it with a man (my dad was out of the picture at this point), but it seemed really normal to me that since we couldn’t carry food in ourselves, she would do it all at once on a tray to save on how many trips. Maybe the idea is that he can’t get up because of baby watching, so she’s just bringing in food?

  8. Ha! All totally relatable except for the tray thing. Well, that, and pulling the toddler away from the dog food. Experience has shown children eating dog food has no adverse effects.

  9. Yes! I loved this commercial!