School rules

I was planning on doing a post about our Kansas City trip but I have a surprising amount of feeeeeeelings about it. It was a pretty crushing loss (game went into overtime, then penalties, then sudden death penalties) and I cried several times. It might be (almost definitely is?) the single time that’s happened at a sporting event. That being said, I also walked away feeling pretty stinking proud of G and everyone at the team that worked so hard to get them that far in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year. So many of G’s family members were able to make it out for the game too which was pretty awesome. They are a supportive bunch. In fact, all the RSL families are a pretty supportive bunch. Lots of them are leaving this year, moving on to other teams, and it was sort of a bittersweet end to an era. We are really going to miss a lot of people/have no friends next year! (<- See? Feelings!!) It would have been amazing to see them win a championship, but settling for witnessing a still awesome accomplishment while being surround by loving friends and family was pretty ok too. Hooooormones.

The kids couldn't last so a lot of the coaches' and players' families watched the penalties inside. My kid is the only one smiling for the camera and ignoring the game- so proud!

The kids couldn’t last in the cold so a lot of the coaches’ and players’ families watched the INTENSE penalties inside. My kid is the only one smiling for the camera and ignoring the game- so proud!

G's cheering section

G’s cheering section

It was chilly

It was chilly

I also left the weekend with a lot of feelings about travel. We had some… issues on our return leg, missed connections, delays, rebookings, ran out of soy milk and diapers (!!), etc. It was a disastrous travel day for all, based on the scenes at the various airports, and luckily B was mostly angelic so we survived. It had me thinking though, how in the world do people do that alone with a toddler and a baby? Or do they just not? The conclusion I came to is I don’t really want to attempt it but maybe I’m just being weak.

We were super lucky to have a great friend on our first flight! Such good company and a huuuge help when we thought we were going to be stuck overnight with no stuff.

We were super lucky to have a great friend on our first flight! Such good company and a huuuge help when we thought we were going to be stuck overnight with no stuff.

Ok, so that was the Kansas City post I guess. Now on to what I meant to say. I am so so beyond glad we decided to send B to school and that we picked the school we did. I thought it would go well and he would like it but it is exceeding even those expectations.

Doing some work in his home office before school.

Doing some work in his home office before school.

He missed school last Friday and this Monday due to our trip so I was nervous he would have a hard time going back. He talked excitedly about school all morning but I was a little scared he would have some separation issues once we got there and he realized I would leave. Before we even walked in, we could hear his little friend standing at the door waiting for him and screaming his name. I’ve never seen such a warm toddler welcome before, adorable. Then his two teachers excitedly said hello and, “We missed you!” B ran right over to one of his teachers, climbed in her lap, and said “I think I missed you too!” As usual he was oblivious to my leaving, had a delightful day, yet was still really happy to see me when I picked him up.

It’s crazy how often he says things like, “I’m using nice words to tell you what I want!” or sings songs, or does things, that I know did not come from home. He’s picking up so much there which is great and I love witnessing little moments with his friends, like when they all rush to tell him goodbye at the end of the day. It’s so strange, yet wonderful, that at 2 years old he has his own little life.

19 weeks. Thank goodness I'm old. I can't not look weird in selfies.

Oh yeah, still pregnant. 19 weeks. Thank goodness I’m old. I can’t not look weird in selfies.

Serious question for people with multiple kids: do you/did you attempt travel by yourself with really young kids? Is this one of those things I’ll just adjust to, like everything else with two, or do people really cut back on travel once they are outnumbered? (Yeah I know I still have a husband so it’ll actually be 2 v 2 but a lot of times our trips necessitate flying separately or I go by myself because of G’s work schedule.)

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  1. I can’t answer the travel thing b/c we haven’t really traveled much with Taylor. (one 14 hour car trip which was hell and zero plane flights)

    I’m so glad school is going well. I do love that Taylor has her “own” life too. And when she says certain things, I know she got them from school. Plus, just last Saturday, we were at an event and we sat with another couple and had a great time. How did we meet them? Oh, Taylor and their daughter recognized each other from school. How crazy is that!?

  2. Heather Farester

    I traveled back and forth to Texas quite a few times when mine were babies. First time with the two of them, Chase was 3 1/2 and Macy was around 5 months old. Yes, I was by myself. I do believe Sean went back to the gate with me until we boarded so that helped. I also believe I had a layover, which stunk! It wasn’t horrible but after that, I insisted on direct flights when alone with the two kids. Since they have traveled from the very beginning, it is second nature to them. Now at 9 and 6, they are pros. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the years of experience. You can do it!! As B gets older it will be easier and easier. Plus you would be amazed at how helpful people can and will be when they see you alone with 2. There is good in the world. :-)

  3. I travel alone with the kids a fair amount. The first time R was just 2 and Z was 3 months. The worst is really the layover, having to run between terminals, that sort of thing. That first trip I wore Z in a ring sling and pushed R in a stroller. Very tiring. Since then we got a Phil & Teds double stroller and that can really zip between terminals.

    The plane part is really the easiest part since they can’t go anywhere. I have had to endure merciless crying and boredom but I just figure it can’t last forever.

    Also, DVDs are my best friend.

    Oh, and people are generally so super helpful. There is almost always someone’s grandma willing to hold a baby or help unfold a stroller when you need it.

    I would choose not to travel if I had the choice, though. For whatever that is worth…

    Glad that B likes school. Little friends are super adorable!

  4. I bet since you’re used to travelling with one, two will be fine once you actually get going and get over the fear :)

  5. You look GREAT at 19 weeks! I felt like the weight came on so fast with the second. I am about 28 weeks and seriously look like I’m going to pop.

    That toddler greeting sounds like it was adorable.

    As much as I don’t like the fact that Griff has to go to daycare 9 months (isn) out of the year, I know that it is so good for him for a variety of reasons. So glad it’s going well for B!!!! :)

  6. You are so tiny! Glad everything with #2 is going well. I traveled with the little boys by myself often, but never on a plane (how in the world would you go to the bathroom??). Now I laugh because kev is terrified of being alone with all 3 of them, and I would probably get on a plane with all 3 of them and figure it out. Experience is key ;) You will do great and luckily, strangers on planes love babies!