Health update

Or lack there of?

Sadly, very sadly, we had to cancel our Thanksgiving trip to LA. B is super bummed that he doesn’t get to see his cousins and the beach. It works out somewhat nicely, at least, that we will get to see all of the adults from G’s side of the family (cousins are staying home) when we all travel to Kansas City to cheer on G’s team at MLS Cup! Let’s just hope we are healthy by then.

Snot funny

Snot funny

So about the health. B is doing better with his cough but now has an ear infection. It can’t be a bad one though as he’s mostly happy. I, however, am a different unhappy story. Today is day 9 of generally feeling awful with a cough, body aches, stuffy everything, fever, the works. I made my second trip to the doctor today because I not only am not getting better but somehow keep getting worse. Today I could no longer manage my fever with Tylenol and I started coughing so hard I puked. And peed. Sometimes together, sometimes just pee or just puke. Is that one of those things you keep to yourself? Probably but I haven’t left my house in 2 weeks so social norms mean nothing to me. Anyways, I started antibiotics today so fingers crossed.

But it is Thanksgiving so now I’m going to be positive because there is still so so much for me to be thankful for. I absolutely could not be more thankful for my mom. Throughout it all she has completely taken care of both B and me, she’s made a million runs to the store, cooked, cleaned, delivered cold cloths, watched way too many cartoons, read books, played trains, and told me it was going to be ok. She’s done it all somehow without fatigue or illness herself- truly amazing.

Falling out is the closest we come to leaving the bed.

Falling out while asleep is the closest we come to leaving the bed.

I said it before but B couldn’t be any sweeter to me. He continues to take excellent care of his mama and has been incredibly patient with my inability to parent properly.  G has been traveling and working his tail off for cup so we’ve barely seen him lately, but I like him an awful lot too! And finally my small fetus, who has no first initial yet, has decided he hates my cough as much as I do and kicks me all the time to let me know it. I hate pregnancy and think something moving inside of me is gross but I really appreciate those kicks because they remind me he’s in there and hopefully suffering from nothing more than annoyance throughout this illness.

One last thing. I’m thankful for Whole Foods allowing me to place a last minute order for a pre-made Thanksgiving dinner so things can feel slightly like a real holiday tomorrow, whether I can taste anything or not. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

6 Responses to Health update

  1. Oh no!!! I had the cough/pee/puke pregnancy sickness with Gracie. Only Mine was from like 35-39 weeks so I thought my water was breaking almost every time. I ended up with low-grade pneumonia; so TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and go to the doctor whenever you damn well please. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • I’m already glad I over-shared the puke/pee thing since I now know I’m not alone. Did I read that correctly? You had it for 4 weeks?? While hugely pregnant??? Wow, so much sympathy and amazement that Gracie is not an only child.

  2. Oh no, sorry you are feeling so crappy. :( Sickness while pregnancy is the worst! Hopefully your whole family is feeling better ASAP!

  3. Sorry you’re still not feeling well :( Good thing you have your mom around though. Hope you and B both feel better quickly!!!

  4. Can’t WAIT to see how your trip to KC was! We love our sporting KC and are so excited to finally have a soccer team! Hugs to little B and you and hope you BOTH feel better soon!

  5. I puked and peed at the same time ALL THE TIME when I was preggo (I also threw up every day, for every single one of them…sooo). It is the worst. I hope you are feeling better!!