Advice please

I’m trying to plot out my travel schedule before I get too pregnant, and then have two kids, and never leave the house again. There are lots of things I want to do and people I want to see before my upcoming period of hermithood. I don’t really remember what it’s like to be pregnant at various stages and I’ve never done it with a toddler before, so I’m seeking some advice on what I can handle.

How pregnant is too pregnant to fly cross country with a toddler by myself? B would have his own seat and I’d be schlepping a stroller, car seat, big duffel bag for both of our stuff, carry ons etc. Not sure if I’d need to rent a car and deal with the shuttle and all that.

B would carry his own backpack

B would carry his own backpack

Thanks for any tips!

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  1. You have me beat like 10 million to 1 on the whole travelling with baby thing; so I can’t be much of a help. One thing I do know is my own pregnancies, and this being my third in three years, things have happened more quickly this time. At 27 weeks, I’m pretty darn uncomfortable sitting for very long.

  2. Also, not something you can plan around at all, just to keep in mind… He might start potty training sometime during the pregnancy, and that will certainly add a fun element to travelling. Cramming that pregnant belly into one of those tiny airplane bathrooms is, I’m sure, hard enough without trying to hold a squirmy toddler on the toilet :/

    • I totally did not think about that, great point. He is starting to show interest at school a bit. I now have a new travel worst nightmare.

  3. I was going to say probably travel from now to 30 weeks is maybe the latest you can go with out feeling too large. But that potty training… Now that is a monkey wrench.

  4. I took both kids back to Texas with me early in my second trimester, and it was really easy (but we don’t take carseats, strollers, any of that). We had another trip scheduled for the end of my second trimester/beginning of my third, but we had to cancel that one because I was starting to have cramping, my fluid levels were hovering around the bottom of the normal level, and the hubby was freaking out about what would happen if I got stuck in Texas and not be able to travel back to CA. So I would definitely recommend the first half of pregnancy. And if your pregnancy is going well then you could probably travel a little later into pregnancy too.

    • Thanks! Sorry about your canceled trip but glad baby girl is fine! Good to remember that pregnancies have a mind and plans of their own.

  5. The last time I flew alone with Rory was at about 30 weeks. The flight attendants were super nice to me and two ( out of four) flights gave me a seat for Rory even though I hadn’t bought one.

    As far as potty training and flying we flew to England when I had just started training Rory and to Mexico when I thought she was just about trained. Both times we used pull ups just in case and it didn’t screw up the process. When she wasn’t really trained (in England) she remained not really trained and in Mexico she had a few accidents that week despite having been accident free at home but went back to being accident free once we were home after the trip. Point being, I didn’t find relying on Pull ups to really effect the overall training process so should you choose to travel and potty train don’t freak out about relying on pull ups to avoid bathroom hassles. (I take no responsibility, however, should this advice put B in diapers till he is 25.)

    • That is really good to know about potty training! I am so terrified of the process in general (and also of airplane bathrooms in general).

  6. I don’t have much to add because you are 10x braver than me… But maybe you should check with your doc and/or the airline. Aren’t you not allowed to fly at a certain point? That’s definitely something to consider! Good luck! …& post after you travel so I can take notes :)

    • Thanks! Yeah I figure my comfort level will stop me before the airlines do. I think delta let’s you go pretty late- like past the point where I refuse to leave my house!

  7. I’m pregnant too and also have a two year old. I flew in early October (I was 5 months pregnant then) and as I was lugging around everything and convincing my two year old to keep up, I thought to myself, “I wish I looked more pregnant.” I was at the stage where people who knew me knew I looked pregnant, but strangers probably just thought I was chubby. So no one was looking at me thinking, “Wow, that woman needs a hand!” But I’m sure if I flew now at 6.5 months prego and definitely showing everyone would be offering to help.