Nursing and pregnancy (so far)

Apparently I love to talk about how this pregnancy is going when it’s only barely started. There is sooooo much time left for me to eat my words, which I’m sure will be entertaining for others to watch. Having appropriately caveated now, I will say that so far it’s been great.

I even ran a 10k and it felt totally normal.

I even ran a 10k and it felt totally normal.

One of my big fears, because it was really unknown to me, was how nursing while pregnant would go. I was really anxious about it, probably for no good reason other than I have anxiety, but it’s turned out to be no big deal so far. I read a bunch about it, talked to my doctor, Googled all the worst things you could imagine just to scare myself, and now here we are and it seems totally natural and normal.

One thing that is different from non-pregnant nursing (so far) is that I make less milk. I mean, I make waaaaaay less milk. I don’t have a good way of judging how much on a daily basis but when I traveled away from B (not pregnant) in May I was able to pump at least 30 oz per day. The next time I traveled away from him, at around 12 weeks pregnant, I was only pumping 3-5 oz. B hasn’t seemed to care much though and is so far carrying on. Obviously you have to eat a lot to make 30 oz and not that much to make 3 oz plus sustain a fetus the size of a small berry, so strangely I’ve needed to eat less since becoming pregnant.

Which isn't to say I've been eating less. Maternity pants are a gift from above.

Which isn’t to say I’ve been eating less. Maternity pants are a gift from above.

The other major difference, which was my biggest fear, is nursing hurts now. But nowhere near as much as I thought it might. It kind of aches when B first latches but goes away after a few seconds. It is nothing compared to the pain of first nursing a newborn and nothing compared to the awful boob pain I had my entire pregnancy with B. I guess maybe they’ve toughened up or something? I’m really hoping that lasts and I can skate through the early nursing stage with this next one.

I’m extremely glad there have been no major nursing challenges up to this point. I can’t imagine how B would cope if I made him wean. Probably the biggest challenge has been emotional, but I only outright sobbed once about how my milk was drying up. I’m also pretty thankful that no one has blatantly called me crazy yet (just subtle hints here and there). I guess people are just getting used to thinking that at this point?

15 weeks. I'm liking the dirty laundry pile shots much better than the bathroom ones I did last time.

15 weeks. I’m liking the dirty laundry pile shots much better than the bathroom ones I did last time.

11 Responses to Nursing and pregnancy (so far)

  1. Initially nursing Lyla was waaaaaaaaay less painful for me than starting out with Gracie; I think the toughened boobs idea is valid. Mine also didn’t hurt (or grow!) in the early stages of pregnancy with Lyla or Poppy. Just this past week, though, about to enter my third trimester with Poppy, they’ve started to hurt. I don’t think you’re crazy at all for nursing while pregnant! I think you’re brave!

  2. I’ve read about the nursing aversion stage and what someone described as ‘glass shooting through the nipples’ as the kiddo nursed, I don’t believe they said it passed but you never know. I appreciate your openness about this as it really isn’t talked about.

  3. I thought I clicked approve but somehow I just made a comment on this post disappear!!?? It was about a toddler who self-weaned at 2.5 because mama’s milk changed tastes at 5 months pregnant. Sorry! Can you please recomment so I can not screw it up this time?

  4. I should add – by the time she gave up, feeding her was so painful! My nipples became super sensitive with the pregnancy and it really really hurt. Also I was pretty sure there wasn’t much milk in there anyway. I’ve got a friend who is tandem feeding a 4 year old and a 14 month old, I’m not sure how she has enough energy to leave the house!

  5. I am glad that nursing during pregnancy is going well for the most part and not too many set backs, other than low supply but great to hear that it isn’t bothering B at all!

  6. I agree with the toughened boobs theory. My boobs haven’t hurt at all nursing Alex. With Taylor, my boons were constantly sore (especially on initial latch) and even pumping hurt.

    Boobs of steel! YAY!

  7. How are you doing emotionally nursing while pregnant? When my son started nursing less I had major weaning blues… I couldn’t imagine going through that while pregnant! Nursing is tough enough without being pregnant! Hopefully nursing baby 2 will be smooth sailing!

    • I started having all kinds of weepy emotions when he started nursing less before I got pregnant. Strangely though it almost got better with the pregnancy. I think maybe all the crazy emotions and hormones just canceled each other out or something!

  8. Yay, thank you!! I don’t know what happened. Your comment didn’t show up until last night and when I clicked approve it disappeared, thanks for writing again. Your daughter sounds exactly like my son and I am certain he won’t wean any time soon. Maybe I’m wrong!